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He will find you

He will find you

Dungeon Werm

—Midnight Hours



The song is called Midnight Hours (maybe). We recorded late into the evening friday, I’m on vocals. 

bringin’ this back. 

We should reunite to play this at my 50th surprise birthday party (*hint*)


Forever Dolphin Love - Connan Mockasin


Whilst these stunning images may appear to be something from a psychedelic, futuristic movie, in reality these digital collages are little more than a day’s work for the hugely talented, multidisciplinary design studio, Atelier Olschinsky, comprised of Vienna-based designers Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss. With their elegant-yet-stark approach, these colour-rich photographs are taken to the next level of creativity to create these images from the project, ‘Ghost Cities’.

Written by Will Sharp - Discovered on Inspirez (View the full article here)

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French artist Marc Giai-Miniet (Born in 1946 in Trappes) makes some of the most incredibly detailed (and disturbing!) dollhouses that we’ve ever seen. Marc started creating these disturbing shadowbox dioramas rather late in his career, recurring themes include libraries, furnaces, laboratories, submarines and intestine-like tubing in lonely, decaying spaces.

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televandalist - Marcel Duchamp, Rotoreliefs 

Duchamp recognized that by spinning designs composed as sets of eccentric but concentric circles, a viewer would see the resulting pattern as a three dimensional form even through one eye alone, without the supposedly necessary benefit of stereoscopy! By the 1930s, Duchamp had constructed from his experiments a wonderfully whimsical set of 12 spinning images—from a goldfish in a bowl, to the eclipsed sun seen through a tube, to a cocktail glass, to a light bulb—in order to emphasize his discovery of these three-dimensional effects. Ironically, as another example of harmful separation between truly unified aspects of art and science, art museums almost invariably exhibit these discs as framed, static objects on a wall—whereas they have no meaning, either artistic or scientific, unless they spin.


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